3D Jelly Ink Fluorescence Pen Set


3D Jelly Ink Fluorescence Pen Set

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Unleash your imagination with this adorable set of pens! These pens have a cool jelly effect that’s definitely going to add a splash of color into your life! 

The 3D Jelly Pen Set is a set of 6 ballpoint pens in various fun colors. Unlike conventional pens, these pens actually write with a 3D bubble effect. You can use these for handwritten notes, special occasion cards, study notes, and a lot of other things to add a touch of color. They’re so much fun and easy to use, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a 3D Jelly Pen Set today! 

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COMFORTABLE — The 3D Jelly Pen Set is very comfortable in the hand. These pens are definitely easy to grip and easy to write with as they look and function like any other ballpoint pen! 

3D EFFECT — Wanting a cooler effect on handwritten notes and drawings? Try the 3D Jelly Pen Set for size! These pens actually write on paper with a cool, 3D jelly effect that would add a bit of oomph and flavor into everything you write. 

VERSATILE — Did you know that the 3D Jelly Pen Set doesn’t just work on paper? It also works on cardboard, plastic, and even phone cases! Create some art with any medium you want to work with! 

SMOOTH — The 3D Jelly Pen Set flows like butter on paper. The ink flows very smoothly and surely and does not smudge at all! Just make sure to let the ink dry properly after every application. 


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